A Little Bit About Me

Join me as I document my journey across Asia. I will be learning about Asian cultures by enjoying food, experiencing the local customs and traditions, meeting the people, and speaking the local language.  Similar to a poker player, I’m going all in!  Im leaving my life in America behind, as I quit my job and sold all of my belongings to pursue my passions.  Hello, my name is Pete. My travels started in 2010 and I have been to 15 countries since. Three of those countries have left a lasting impression on me and I returned multiple times respectfully. This blog will be themed toward countries that I’ve been to and have returned to visit or LIVE; hence the name Repeat Travels.  If you are wondering, those three countries are Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia.

It was all Leo’s fault.. because I was inspired by the movie “The Beach”.  From the moment of disembarking in Thailand, I always get this sensation of almost like I’m home.  It’s even stronger when I’m in the province of Surat Thani where I get this overwhelming zen like sense of peace and calmness.  I have been privileged to have had an inside guide and many great adventures traveling throughout Thailand, some of which the normal tourist will never see or experience.  Japan came into the picture because originally I needed a layover spot on the way to Thailand.  The flight from LA to Bangkok is 18 hours direct;  but stopping in Japan cuts it to 12 hours. 

 “So what else do you need to know? Stuff about my family, or where I’m from? None of that matters. Not once you cross the ocean and cut yourself loose, looking for something more beautiful, something more exciting, and yes, I admit, something more dangerous. So after 18 hours in the back of an airplane, three dumb movies, two plastic meals, six beers and absolutely no sleep, I finally touch down… in Bangkok.”

The Beach – Leo

Japan is another beautiful country. I love the old world traditions and architecture mixed into the modern era.  At the same time, Tokyo is very intense, for it can be a sensation overload from the infrastructure, bright flashing lights, large population, culture, and the food.  I’m not gonna lie, for me it’s freaking AWESOME!!  It’s definitely not gonna be for everybody but im from a big city and I like it… i could definitely see myself living there.  Im hoping to learn the language, become friends with some locals and replicate my travel experiences. I believe with more time inside the country I can make this happen and eventually call Japan home in the future.  

My Countries Visited In Order of Favorite to Least:

  • Maldives
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bahamas
  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Macao
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia

Whenever I travel to new destinations, I always conduct hours of research to get the best experience for my mid-range budget.  I gather information about hotels, to neighborhoods, places to see, and things you must do.  I started keeping notes a few years ago and thought to share this information with whomever is interested.  In my previous travels, I have seen all the temples, shrines, view points, and other tourist traps. Now I only want to experience life as a local resident would.   Some of my best experiences have been in Thailand living with local Thais.   I will be writing about the following topics:

  1. Travel Tips.
  2. Local Experiences / Attraction Reviews.
  3. Local Transportation.
  4. Local Food Reviews.
  5. Trendy Hotel Reviews.
  6. Monthly cost of living reports.
  7. Visa Requirements.

I have been anxiously waiting for Asia travel to reopen without restrictions.  I originally wanted to start in Japan, but I have decided to start in Thailand, as it is now fully reopen.  I will be on short term visas for the beginning of my journeys and I will see what opportunities present themselves.  I will be traveling around to new destinations to see if they meet my standards.  I also believe to truly immerse into the culture you need to learn the language.  In the beginning I will be dedicating the majority of my time enrolled in a school or hiring a private tutor to study both Thai and Japanese.

Stay tuned for my upcoming articles on local life in Asia and what’s currently trending.