Explore the World in Style: 25 Must-Have Top Travel Accessories from Amazon

I believe in minimalist travel and living, essentially advocating necessority for traveling light. Only own and pack items you absolutely need to get the job done. I often walk city blocks, use metro trains, change hotels, climb up and down stairs, and jump on boat transfers. Therefore, I do not need a heavy backpack or travel gear slowing me down. After living abroad for 2 years I have revised and can recommend the 25 Top Travel Accessories of 2024 below that will make your life easier. I’ve done all the research, and all the products listed are highly rated. I also believe in spending more on quality products because they work better and last longer. Let’s take a look.

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1. Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

Tablets have pretty much replaced needing a laptop anymore unless you do video and image editing, or some other type of heavy cpu process task. Whether your an Apple fan or prefer Samsung products, most people can do everything they need on a tablet.

My preference is the Apple iPad Mini for its sleek size and being the least heaviest of the lineup. With a 8.3” display and A15 Bionic chip, this tablet can handle some heavy task. I am able to play Call of Duty and Mario Kart online flawlessly. A little cheaper and bigger screen size option would be the 10.2” screen iPad. Or if you want a step up you can go with the 10.9” screen size iPad Air which packs the latest M1 chip. If you into Samsung, we recommend Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7″  or the upgraded model 10.5” Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet.

2. Portable Power Bank Charger

Top Travel Accessories

While traveling, we heavily rely on our phones, notebooks, and other electronics. Using Google Maps, social media, or streaming videos consumes a significant amount of power on our phones. Mophie is currently Apple MFi certified. The Mophie Powerstation Mini, with 5000 mAh capacity, is lightweight and compact, featuring both a USB-C and USB-A port. The larger version is the 10,000 mAH Mophie Powerstation with PD Power Bank. 

3. Carry-On 20in Spinner Expandable Suitcase Luggage

Carry on Roller Luggage

The name brand is not so important here, its gonna be more on functionality. This 15.4” x 8.7”x 22” luggage piece is my check in bag which i can store my heavier belongings and items that are not allowed by TSA while flying. Whether your packing toiletries, shaving kits or razors, lotions, books, gifts for others, and even alcohol. You will want a 20” carry on roller suitcase that is lightweight and durable since it will most likely get abused at the airport.

4. Osprey Sojourn Porter 30L Travel Backpack

The Sojourn Porter 30 is a versatile gem that seamlessly blends the comfort of a backpacking gear with the simplicity and ample storage of a duffel. Perfect for road trips, train rides, or air travel, its padded sidewalls ensure the safety of your belongings. The updated Straitjacket straps compress contents for a more compact size, while the AirScape™ backpanel provides optimal ventilation to keep you cool and dry throughout your adventures. I wrote a full review of the Sojourn Porter 30L here.

If you looking for a slightly larger version of this backpack but still maintain carry-on ability, you can check out the Popular Osprey Farpoint 40 or the Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack.

5. The North Face 10L Mini Borealis Laptop Daypack

Compact Travel Day Pack

Designed for city life, it retains the iconic front bungee system, ensuring a comfortable carry with features like a padded top handle and user-friendly U-pull zippers. Stay organized with internal and external pockets, including water bottle holders, while embracing sustainability made from 75% or more recycled, regenerative, or responsibly sourced renewable materials. This versatile backpacking gear can fit a laptop or iPad and is great for jackets or light gear, making it perfect for exploring the city.

6. Compression Packing Cubes Set, Ultralight Travel Organizer Bags

Compression Travel Bags

Compression bags are of some best travel essentials used to organize and save space in your luggage. The concept is you over pack these cubes, press down to compress and zip them up. I like using these to separate my winter cloths from my summer cloths, the smaller cubes are good for underwear and socks. Can also be used to separate your dirty clothing, preventing odors from contaminating the rest of your clothes making them a versatile.

7. Osprey Ultralight Zip Packing Organizer

Another great way to stay organized, this portable hanging toiletry bag is waterproof, tear-resistant, and pretty spacious. Easily store all your toiletries, accessories, and other bathroom items inside. I like to keep my shampoo, sunscreen lotion, and other liquid items inside incase anything were to bust open, the rest of my clothing would be protected from a disaster. The hook allows you to hang the bag which comes in handy for minimalist travel for camping, RV traveling, or while using shared bathrooms.

8. Packable Travel Towel

Travel Towel

Sea to Summit makes awesome travel gear and camping products. These compact, lightweight travel towels come in multiple sizes and are ideal for camping, backpacking, hiking, boating, and travel. Made of microfiber fabric that can absorb three times its weight in water and dries quickly. Situations where you might need one include Airbnb rentals, camping, beach, or hostels.

9. Bellroy Venture Ready Sling 2.5L

Sling Bags

The Bellroy 2.5L Sling revolutionizes convenience with its versatile design, seamlessly blending form and function. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it offers an adaptable interior with customizable dividers for various needs. Quick access to essentials, the Bellroy 2.5L Sling is a stylish minimalist travel accessory, reliable companion prioritizing efficiency without compromising aesthetics. These are great for airports, traveling around the city, or when visiting amusement parks and you don’t want your phone or things falling out of your pockets.

10. RFID Blocking Leather Passport Holder Travel Bifold Wallet

Passport Travel Wallet

A slim designed luxury full-grain leather wallet with RFID blocking technology to store your passport, credit cards and cash. The Leather Passport Holder Travel Gear conveniently stores all your IDs and cards in one wallet. I was also able put my airline tickets in the slot too. Travelambo also produces a leather Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet with RFID Blocking.

11. GoToob+ Refillable Silicone Travel Size Bottles

Gotoob Travel Bottles

GoToob made by HumanGear specializes in some of the best travel essentials. Made from a food-grade silicone body, offers a leakproof cap, and the LoopLock can be used to hang the GoToob+ Travel Bottles from a hook or to clip it to the outside of a pack. The 3oz size is perfect for carry on, so I personally use these to store shampoo, suntanning lotion, and an aftersun lotion.

12. Streamlight Stylus Pro 100-Lumen LED Pen Light

Streamlight Pen Light

Streamlight makes some of the best flashlights on the market. The Stylus Pro LED Pen Light is a compact minimalist travel pen sized flashlight. Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries, this flashlight features a tail cap switch, momentary or constant on operation, a pocket clip for convenience, and amazing brightness for a light of its size. Perfect for walking at night on the beach or dark streets, makes this a must have travel accessory.

13. Compact Travel Umbrella

Compact Travel Umbrella

Brand is not important here, just something small and compact. The last thing you want is to get rained on, we highly recommend carrying a compact travel umbrella. The Samsonite comes with an automatic open and close which is convenient. Easily throw in your daypack or sling when your headed out on a cloudy day.

14. Sony Wireless Portable Compact Speaker

Wireless Speaker

Another huge fan of Sony products, whether its TVs, headphones, cameras, or speakers. The Sony SRS-XB13 is a wireless bluetooth travel speaker that is lightweight, compact, and waterproof. Durable for outdoor use, a 16 hour rechargeable battery, and a removable strap. This mini speaker is easy to carry around and packs a good sound for the size. Best of all, you can use at the pool or shower.

15. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Watches

Travel Watch

A good watch is a must have travel and backpacking gear essential. For a reliable travel watch without battery changes, consider the Citizen Eco-Drive line. This Japanese movement watch converts any light into energy, ensuring continuous recharging for a timeless experience.

If your more into technology, check out the 2nd Gen Apple Watch SE or the Samsung Galaxy 4 smartwatches. On the cheaper side a simple fitbit watch will get the job done.

16. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

Rayban Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re traveling to the beach or a tropical location, owning a good pair sunglasses will come in handy. These unisex Ray-Ban Sunglasses are polarized, reduce eye strain, and improve visibility during glaring light conditions. All Ray-Ban sunglasses are made from superior materials, are stylish, and durable. Also available for prescription ready and made from glass.

17. Reef Men’s Cushion Phantom Flip-Flop

Men’s reef flip flops

Find a decent pair of sandals for your travel gear, something with a good grip and comfortable. A necessity if your visiting a hot climate or stay in hostiles. I went with a pair of Freewaters Sandals because their company produces eco-friendly vegan shoes, sustainable leather sandals, and they support clean drinking water.

18. Soundcore by Anker A20i True Wireless Earbuds

Soundcore by Anker A20i

Priced affordably, the Soundcore by Anker A20i True Wireless Earbuds offer fantastic value. Enjoy excellent sound quality, a compact design, and sweat and water resistance. Ideal for various activities like gym sessions, pool time, or just relaxing. With approximately 8 hours of battery life and a case that provides up to 20 hours of charge, they deliver a reliable audio experience.

19. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, 16oz

16oz Travel Water Bottle

The Zojirushi 18/8 stainless steel mug boasts vacuum-sealed insulation for extended hot or cold beverage enjoyment. Its double-layered stainless steel body creates a vacuum, preventing temperature transfer. I’ve stored opened beers and sodas in my Zojirushi Travel Mug for the next day, maintaining carbonation. The flip lid, operable with a single hand, ensures excellent heat retention and includes a safety lock for secure use. A must have backpacking gear for camping or traveling.

20. Sleep Eye Mask

Sleep Eye Mask

Many people may overlook this item, but it’s one of the best travel essentials. You will need a Sleep Eye Mask while traveling on planes, trains, and buses to block out the light and get that much needed sleep. With its comfort and light-blocking ability, travelers can get the rest and relaxation they desperately need.

21. Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Reusable Shopping Bag

Reusable Shopping Bag

Something new I discovered I know need to carry because many stores are no longer using plastic bags at stores. Discover the versatile Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Reusable Shopping Bag, crafted from durable, waterproof fabric used in their compression sacks. With a 6.5-gallon capacity and the ability to withstand a 286-pound load, it’s perfect for shopping, laundry, or beach days. Compact and eco-friendly, this bag is a practical choice for various activities. Conveniently collapses into a small travel sack.

22. All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter

This International Universal Travel Adapter with USB C is an all in one wall charger with dual USB charging ports. Plug in your portable devices all around the world compatible in 150 countries. It can be applied to a wide range of devices, including: digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets, and other small electronic travel gear.

23. Master Lock Combination Luggage Lock

Travel Combination Lock

Essential if you plan on staying at hostels. The TSA-Approved Master Travel Lock allows you ton set your own combination. Features a vinyl covered flexible braided steel arm, offering resistance to abuse from baggage handling equipment. TSA screeners can open, inspect and relock bags locked with a TSA-Accepted lock. If you do not use a TSA approved lock, they can cut your lock to check your baggage.

24. Miamica Foldable Travel Laundry Bag

Travel laundry bag

Revolutionize your travel with the Miamica Laundry Bag – a compact 6.3” L x 6.2” W pouch that unfolds into a spacious 21” L x 22” W drawstring bag for your dirty laundry. Tear-resistant, moisture-resistant, and machine washable, it’s the eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Miamica blends fashion and functionality, offering practical, stylish solutions to keep your backpacking gear organized from clean and dirty cloths.

25. Humangear GoBites Duo Multi-Functional Spork

Travel Spork

The humangear GoBites Duo – your go-to travel and backpacking gear utensil in a sleek design. This portable dining ware serves as a versatile spork, functioning as both a spoon and a fork, ensuring you’re always prepared to enjoy meals during your journey. Lightweight and durable, the GoBites Duo is a must-have for those who appreciate compact, high-quality dining solutions.

Conclusion of the Top Travel Accessories to Buy

In wrapping up, it’s clear that having the right travel gear, particularly backpacking essentials, is key to mastering the art of minimalist travel. Through our exploration of Amazon’s top 25 travel accessories, we’ve seen how prioritizing versatile, compact, and durable items can streamline your adventures and keep you prepared for anything. Whether it’s a space-saving travel organizer, a multi-functional travel towel, or a lightweight yet roomy backpack, opting for minimalist travel gear allows for efficient packing and more freedom to fully enjoy your journey in style.