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Living abroad or Planning a vacation is exciting, but securing affordable and comprehensive global travel medical insurance can be a daunting task. Enter SafetyWing – after extensive research among top expat insurance providers, it stands out as the most cost-effective choice. Offering both accessibility and coverage for unexpected situations, SafetyWing ensures you get the best value for your money. In this post, we’ll delve into SafetyWing’s travel medical insurance, comparing their Remote Health and Digital Nomad Insurance policies. Let’s explore why the new SafetyWing 2.0 is the practical and affordable solution you’ve been searching for.

Digital Nomad Global Travel Medical Insurance

Nomad insurance by SafetyWing is tailored for international travelers, specifically catering to digital nomads working remotely. This comprehensive coverage spans most countries, providing a blend of travel medical and insurance packages. Notably, this international travel medical insurance policy stands out by allowing purchases even when the traveler is already abroad. With coverage spanning 175+ countries, flexibility is paramount — you can cancel or extend your policy as needed. Moreover, Nomad Insurance goes beyond the ordinary, encompassing protection for adventure sports enthusiasts and safeguarding against the theft of electronics. It’s more than just insurance; it’s a versatile companion for your global journey.

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SafetyWing Digital Nomad Insurance 2.0 offers flexible monthly coverage for the following

  • Medical Insurance – Up to $250,000 ($100,000 if over 65)
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Emergency Dental (Up to $1,000)
  • Lost Checked Luggage
  • Travel Delay & Trip Interruption
  • Enhance your SafetyWing coverage with the Theft Coverage for Electronics add-on. With this option, you can get reimbursed for a portion of the value of your items in case of theft. Covered electronics include laptops, cameras, lenses, smartphones, e-readers, music players, tablets, earphones, earplugs, iPads, airpods, and drones. Safeguard your valuable gadgets wherever your journey takes you.
  • Elevate your SafetyWing coverage with the Adventure Sports add-on. This extension broadens the list of sports you are covered for, offering an extra layer of protection. Please note that coverage still excludes professional, organized, or rewarded sports, as well as expeditions. As always, ensure your safety while enjoying your adventurous pursuits.
Adventure Sports Covered
  • American football
    Aussie rules football
    Cave diving
    Free-style skiing
    Hang gliding
    High diving
    Ice hockey
    Martial arts
    Motorized dirt bikes
    Mountaineering at elevations under 6000 meters altitude
    Quad biking
    Ski / snowboard jumping
    Skiing / snowboard acrobatics
    Snow mobile
    Scuba diving accompanied by an instructor certified by PADI/NAUI/SSI/BSAC
    Tandem skydiving
    Whitewater rafting
SafetyWing Travel Medical Insurance


The Digital Nomad Insurance policy boasts an array of benefits that set it apart:

  • Versatility: Functioning as a subscription, it caters to various types of remote workers, travelers, and nomads, offering a versatile range of services.
  • Affordability: Despite strong competition, Nomad Insurance stands out with competitive pricing. For instance, starting at $45.08 for four weeks, its travel medical insurance costs only a fraction compared to the main rivals for similar coverage. $250 deductible per coverage period (up to 1 year).
  • Dual Coverage: Offering both restricted home country service and international coverage (up to thirty days per three months. 15 days for U.S.), it caters to your needs wherever you are.
  • Reliability: Administered by Tokio Marine, a globally renowned insurance firm, on behalf of SafetyWing, a Y-Combinator business model, it ensures reliable coverage.
  • Global Accessibility: Nomad Insurance can be purchased while traveling and is available for sale in about 175+ countries, providing convenience on a global scale.
  • Responsive Service: With excellent response times and 24/7 service, Nomad Insurance ensures you’re supported whenever you need assistance. Connect with a genuine individual who, like you, is a nomad.
  • Pioneering Vision: Crafted by nomads, for nomads, Nomad Insurance is the first of its kind. The long-term vision is revolutionary — to establish a pioneering country on the Web that offers universal health insurance, disability benefits, and pensions, serving as an alternative to national welfare systems. It’s not just insurance; it’s a visionary step towards a comprehensive nomadic lifestyle.

Remote Health

The versatile Remote Health insurance focuses specifically on travel-related medical expenses, making it an ideal choice for extended global journeys. With coverage spanning every nation worldwide, including Australia, the U.S., and the U.K., it goes beyond merely addressing illnesses and accidents. This policy extends its protective reach to encompass comprehensive healthcare, including cancer therapies, palliative care, and specialized treatments.

Remote Health is particularly well-suited for businesses seeking to insure groups of remote employees, individuals in need of extensive global healthcare, regardless of their residence or travel destinations. It also proves beneficial for travelers and expats lacking coverage in their home countries upon their return. Notably, Remote Health stands out by including COVID-19 insurance, with the exception of Americans in the USA and Canadians in Canada. SafetyWing breaks the mold by providing coverage across the entire globe, spanning 175+ nations. It’s a comprehensive health safeguard for the nomadic lifestyle.

Travel Medical Insurance Benefits

The Remote Health policy comes with a myriad of benefits:

  • Generous Coverage: Enjoy annual coverage of up to $1 million, providing a robust financial safety net for your healthcare needs.
  • Global Reach: With comprehensive insurance spanning 175+ countries and emergency coverage for international travel, it ensures you’re protected wherever your journey takes you.
  • Customization Options: Tailor your insurance plan to your specific needs by choosing from a variety of add-ons, allowing you to personalize your coverage.
  • Flexibility in Healthcare Facilities: Access any hospital, be it private or public, anywhere in the world, providing you with the freedom to choose healthcare facilities based on your preferences.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Benefit from an intuitive dashboard and a quick signup process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience in managing your insurance.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Count on outstanding client service, offering you support and assistance whenever you need it. Your peace of mind is our priority.

SafetyWing Remote Health vs. Nomad Insurance

The Remote Health plan from SafetyWing provides international health coverage tailored for remote employees, nomads, and remote businesses. Opting for this plan proves to be a strategic decision for those seeking comprehensive health insurance while navigating the global landscape. Here are the distinct advantages it holds over Nomad Insurance, which we’ve explored previously:

The Remote Health plan outshines with the following advantages over Nomad Insurance:

  • Global Coverage: Enjoy access to coverage in any country you find yourself in, providing a seamless healthcare safety net regardless of your location.
  • Cancer Coverage: Benefit from coverage for cancer-related treatments, offering a comprehensive shield against a critical health concern.
  • Pre-existing Illnesses: Unlike Nomad Insurance, Remote Health includes coverage for pre-existing illnesses, ensuring a more extensive and inclusive protection.
  • Efficient Claims Processing: Experience swift handling of claims within seven days, streamlining the process and minimizing any potential disruptions.
  • Generous Yearly Maximum: With a $1 million yearly maximum, it offers a robust financial coverage, providing peace of mind for your health-related expenses.
  • Dental Treatment Inclusion: The flexibility to include regular dental treatment in your plan, addressing not only major health concerns but also routine dental needs.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Tailored for both remote businesses and individuals, it ensures a broad spectrum of coverage, meeting the diverse needs of a nomadic lifestyle.

While Remote Health offers comprehensive benefits, it does come with certain drawbacks compared to Nomad Insurance:

  • Higher Price: The monthly premium starts at $125, and goes up from there, depending on added outpatient treatment and coverage in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the U.S. This presents a notable difference in cost compared to Nomad Insurance.
  • Minimum One-Year Term: Remote Health requires a one-year minimum commitment, which may be a consideration for those seeking more flexibility in their insurance plans.
  • Limited Coverage for Non-Medical Costs: Unlike Nomad Insurance, Remote Health lacks coverage for non-medical costs such as misplaced checked luggage or missed flights, potentially leaving gaps in your overall travel protection.
  • Exclusion of Some Adventurous Activities: Certain adventurous activities are not covered by Remote Health, making it less suitable for those who engage in a wide range of high-risk or extreme sports.

Considering Remote Health for comprehensive health coverage beyond emergencies is a wise choice, especially if you have a pre-existing ailment or anticipate needing frequent medical attention. However, it’s essential to note that opting for Remote Health might offer more coverage than necessary at a higher cost than you might currently be prepared to pay. Weighing your specific health needs against the plan’s offerings and cost is crucial to ensure it aligns with your individual requirements and financial considerations.

 Nomad InsuranceRemote Health
Global coverage outside home country OfferedOffered
Coverage in home country *Offered
Covid-19 OfferedOffered
Cancer Not offeredOffered
Pre-existing conditions Not offered**
Available as short term plan Offered***
Travel benefits (i.e., trip interruption, lost checked baggage) OfferedNot offered
* = Limited home country coverage for short term visas.
** = Pre-existing conditions must be approved. Certain medical conditions can be excluded and application could be denied.
*** = While you can pay monthly, Remote health is an annual contract

Countries Covered

The SafetyWing travel insurance policy provides coverage when traveling to nearly any place worldwide, with the exception of Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. However, if you’re a United States citizen with authorization from the U.S. government, even Cuba is covered. Notably, you don’t need to report in advance the nations you’ll be visiting, setting it apart from other types of travel insurance.

The sole decision lies in whether to include the United States in your coverage, as doing so significantly increases the cost. It’s worth mentioning that explicit kidnapping or abduction starting in specific countries, such as Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela, or any nation subject to restrictions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of The Department of The Treasury, is not covered by SafetyWing.

How Coverage Works for USA Travel

For unforeseen qualified medical situations, SafetyWing’s coverage extends up to approximately thirty days in your native country (fifteen days if the United States is your native country) within every ninety-day period. However, if you stay in your native country for more than thirty days, your insurance becomes invalid until you depart, emphasizing the policy’s focus on international coverage for nomads and travelers.

How to File a Claim with SafetyWing

The management of SafetyWing’s coverage by one of the world’s largest insurance firms, Tokio Marine, contributes to a straightforward claims procedure. Recently redesigned and streamlined to provide faster experience. To initiate a claim, simply select “Make a Claim” in the “My Profile” area on their official website. Complete the claims form online and upload it along with copies of your receipts to Tokio Marine’s portal.

It’s crucial to file any claims within two months after your insurance expires, with a 45-day deadline for processing. Funds are disbursed by wire transfer into your account if the claim is handled beyond this period. The flexibility of choosing any medical facility or physician is granted, and direct billing may be possible in certain cases, reducing out-of-pocket expenses. For guidance on hospital selection, reach out to the SafetyWing helpdesk.

Maintain records of receipts, relevant test results, police or medical reports, and medical records. The majority of reports on the claims procedure are positive, and you can find evaluations from individuals who’ve filed claims on TrustPilot for additional insights.

SafetyWing: Is It Worth It?

Certainly, as someone looking for expat insurance, SafetyWing nomad insurance, proves invaluable for remote workers, expats, long-term travelers, and digital nomads from most nations. Its adaptability, reasonable pricing, and straightforward enrollment process make it a compelling choice. While shopping for travel insurance might not be the most enjoyable task, having protection in case of unexpected events is crucial. Foreign accidents and illnesses can happen, and without insurance, you run the risk of facing exorbitant medical expenses. In the grand scheme, the peace of mind and financial security it provides make travel insurance well worth the investment.

Register with SafetyWing: The Best Travel Insurance!

Registering with SafetyWing travel medical insurance is a straightforward process. Begin by creating a SafetyWing account, either by entering a password and email address or signing in with Facebook. Provide basic information such as your native country, birthdate, and address. Choose a start date and specify whether you’ll be traveling to the United States to secure your insurance. Additionally, you have the option to include friends or relatives in your coverage.

Payments are debited from your debit or credit card every four weeks, unless you choose specific trip dates and pay in advance. Cancelation is hassle-free with a single click, and you’ll remain protected until the final day of the paid-for period. This flexibility ensures ease of use and control over your coverage.


After exploring the details in this article, we’re confident you’re ready to sign up. As I have been actively researching expat insurance policies, this seems to be a top option. Depending on your situation, choose between the SafetyWing Remote Health policy or the Digital Nomad Insurance policy. For a final grasp of information, consider reading this article once more to solidify your understanding of this insurance provider. Feel free to reach out if you have any lingering questions or need further assistance in making your decision. Safe travels!

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