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Planning a trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, the bustling capital of Malaysia, is an exciting adventure filled with diverse experiences and cultural encounters. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first cross-border journey, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the best and most affordable ways to get from Singapore to Malaysia. From the convenience of bus travel to the seamless border crossing process, we have you covered every step of the way.

How to Get from Singapore to Malaysia:

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1. Bus Travel – How to Travel from Singapore to Malaysia:

Taking a bus from Singapore to Malaysia is not only one of the most cost-effective options but also offers a convenient and comfortable journey. Numerous bus operators provide daily services between the two countries, ensuring a smooth travel experience for passengers. With a positive and active approach, buses offer comfortable seating, air conditioning, and even Wi-Fi on some routes, making the journey enjoyable. From the city center of Singapore, you can easily find bus terminals that connect to various cities in Malaysia, with Kuala Lumpur being a popular destination.

2. Choosing the Cheapest Way to Travel from Singapore to Malaysia:

If you’re looking to travel on a budget, taking a bus is undoubtedly the cheapest option. Compared to flights and trains, bus tickets often come at a fraction of the cost, making it an ideal choice for cost-conscious travelers. By choosing this economical mode of transportation, you can save money without compromising on the quality of your travel experience.

3. Woodlands Malaysia Immigration – A Seamless Border Crossing:

The Woodlands Checkpoint serves as the main crossing point between Singapore and Malaysia. As you approach the checkpoint, ensure you have all your travel documents ready, including your passport and any necessary visas. The border crossing process is typically smooth and efficient, with immigration officers assisting travelers throughout the process. After clearing customs, you can continue your journey to Kuala Lumpur or any other destination in Malaysia.

Bus from Boon Lay, Singapore to Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

Singapore to Malaysia StarMart Bus to Malaysia

We booked our tickets online through 12go Starmax with StarMart SG Express for our journey from Boon Lay, Singapore, departing at 9 am to Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, arriving at 13:40 pm. The bus had a seat configuration with one row of single chairs and another row of two chairs, and though there were no power outlets, the seats were reclining.

However, there was an issue with the seat assignment on our tickets, as a family of four was split up, and my purchase of two tickets had us sitting separately at seats 12 and 15. Thankfully, we managed to switch seats with the other family, allowing couples to sit together. In the future, we will double-check the seat assignments to avoid such inconveniences.

Woodlands Immigration Border Crossings

Woodlands Malaysia Immigration

About 15 minutes into the journey, we arrived at Woodlands Malaysia Immigration. The first stop is for the passport checkpoint. Please ensure to note the bus’s parking location and proceed into the building for processing. The whole process took approximately 5 minutes.

The next stop was for customs control, and you’ll need to bring all your luggage with you. The bus will drop you off at the entrance and then proceed to the exit door point. It’s a good idea to take a photo of your bus and plate number for reference. The customs process took around 25 minutes due to the high number of people.

Both stops have restrooms available for use. At the Customs stop, you’ll find a convenience store nearby, and right next to it, a currency exchange counter offering good rates for changing your money into the Malaysian Currency, Ringgit.

Crossing the border between Malaysia and Singapore 

After smoothly clearing Passport and Customs Checkpoints, the bus will continue its journey towards Kuala Lumpur. Approximately 3.5-hours into the ride, you’ll have a convenient 10-minute rest stop where you can find vending machines and vendors selling delicious fruit and snacks.

Before reaching Kuala Lumpur, the bus will make a stop at Sembeban, which serves as the main bus terminal for the city. Additionally, there will be a second location near an unfamiliar mall. Finally, we arrived at our destination, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, around 3 pm (slightly later than advertised).

Conclusion of The Cheapest Way to Travel from Singapore to Malaysia

For an enjoyable and economical journey from how get from Singapore to Malaysia, StarMart Express is undoubtedly the budget-friendly way to go. From the efficient Woodlands Malaysia Immigration to the comfortable ride with a brief rest stop, this bus service guarantees a pleasant travel experience. Choose the StarMart Express bus, and embark on a delightful adventure to Kuala Lumpur without breaking the bank. This route promises a delightful adventure with memorable experiences waiting to be discovered in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur. So, pack your bags, and embark on this exciting cross-border journey, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Malaysia Travel Guide

How long does the bus journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur usually take?

The duration of the bus journey can vary depending on traffic conditions and the specific bus route. On average, it takes approximately 5 to 6 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur from Singapore

Are there overnight bus options available?

Yes, many bus operators offer overnight bus services, providing travelers with the option to rest during the journey and arrive at their destination refreshed.

Do I need a visa to enter Malaysia from Singapore?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, most nationalities can enter Malaysia for short visits without a visa. However, visa regulations may change, so it’s essential to check the latest requirements before your trip.

Are there any stopovers during the bus journey?

Yes, most bus routes have scheduled stopovers for passengers to stretch their legs, grab a snack, or use restroom facilities.


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