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Extending your tourist visa in Thailand allows you an additional 30 days to continue exploring the country and enjoying its beautiful scenery. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process and provide you with the necessary Visa Extension Requirements for your Thailand Tourist Visa Extension with the Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in the Kingdom form TM7.

Who Can Extend Their Thailand Tourist Visa?

Before proceeding, ensure you are holding a tourist visa and that it is eligible for extension. Different visa types may have varying rules for Thailand Tourist Visa Extension, so verify your visa category and its specific requirements.

The most prevalent tourist visa for Thailand is the 30-day visa exemption, which is applicable to citizens of specific countries and can be obtained upon arrival in Thailand. With this visa, visitors can stay in the country for 30 days without the need to apply for a visa beforehand.
Furthermore, there’s the Visa on Arrival, also valid for 15 days, and obtainable at most major airports and land border crossings upon reaching Thailand.

Another alternative for tourists is the 60-day tourist visa, and it can be extended for an additional 30 days at a local immigration office. This visa option is open to citizens of most countries and can be acquired at a Thai embassy or consulate before traveling to Thailand.

Step 1: Gather Visa Extension Required Documents

Prepare the following documents before going to immigration for your visa extension application:

1. Passport: Valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining.

2. One Passport Photo: Recent passport-sized Photo 4 x 6 cm. (not older than 6 months) with a white background.

3. Visa Extension Form: Thailand Visa Extension Application Form TM.7 (Obtain at Immigration Office). Fill out the visa extension application form according to examples provided.

4. Copy of applicant’s passport. A photocopy is needed of the main page and any page with current Thai visa.

5. Application fee 1,900 Baht. Make sure to bring exact amount..

Step 2: Visit the Immigration Office

Locate the nearest Immigration Office in Thailand, and schedule an appointment if necessary. Bring all the required documents and arrive on time if you made an appointment. In Bangkok, I prefer the Immigration Office located on the 3rd floor of IT Square Laksi which is not as busy as the main branch. Arrive before 4pm. IT Square Mall is located right off the new MRT Red Line at Lak Si station and cost 27 baht when traveling from Bang Sue MRT Blue Line.

The main Immigration office of Bangkok is located at Chaengwattana Immigration (Government Complex) 120 Chang Watthana 7 Alley, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210 (Building B Gate 2). Between hours of 8:30-12pm  1pm-4:30pm. (Closes 1 hour for lunch.) 

Step 3: Fill Out & Submit Your Thailand Visa Extension Application

Upon arrival, if you need to need to get your passport photocopied or need a photo taken then head over to adjacent shop next to the immigration office which charges 4 baht for the 2 photocopies.

Proceed to pickup the 3 forms of the TM7 Thailand Tourist Visa Extension paperwork and properly fill out according to the examples on the wall. Double-check that all documents are complete and in order to avoid any delays or rejections (Page 1 has a front and back and write down your phone number and signature on the 2 photocopies of your passport). After filling out the 4 pages, present them along with 2 Photocopied pages and photo to staff at Step 1 Counter Desk.  If everything looks in order, they will give you a ticket number for the Step 3 – K Counter. 

Step 4: Await Processing with Immigration Officer

You will que in section #4 and wait for your ticket number to be called to the next available desk number. Similar to DMV. Once called, You will hand your completed TM7, passport, and 1900 baht to Immigration Officer. They may or may not ask you questions regarding your stay in Thailand.

Step 5: Await Decision & Receive Visa Extension

The processing time for visa extensions may vary, so be patient while the immigration authorities finish up your extension application paperwork. Once your application is approved, you will receive your passport back with a stamp indicating the new expiration date of your tourist visa. Typically, you’ll be granted an additional 30 days.

Conclusion of Thailand Tourist Visa Extension:

Thailand Tourist Visa Extension can be a straightforward process if you are well-prepared and fulfill all the necessary requirements. The TM7 Forms are available at the Immigration Office. And in case you forgot, there is a photo shop and copier machine service in the next shop over from immigration in IT Square Laksi. Make sure bring a black pen for filling out form. Remember to plan ahead and comply with the regulations to continue your amazing journey in the Land of Smiles!

Note: Visa regulations and procedures are subject to change, so always verify the latest information with the Thai Immigration authorities before proceeding with your visa extension.

Tip 1: Avoid waiting until the final day to Extend Thailand Visa. Plan ahead and visit the immigration office a week before the expiry date. By doing so, you can still receive a 30-day extension from the original expiry date of your visa.

Tip 2: Make sure to check if your visa’s expiry date falls on a weekend. Keep in mind that immigration offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. If your visa has already expired and you haven’t extended it, you’ll be required to leave the country. So, be proactive and plan accordingly to avoid any last-minute complications.

If you would like to apply for the Thailand 60 Day Visa outside the country, check out process here.

How Many Times Can I Apply for Thailand Tourist Visa Extension?

Technically twice per each time you enter the country and receive a fresh Tourist 30 Day Visa. Upon entering Thailand you will receive a 30 day visa. You can extend once for an additional 30 days bringing your total stay of 60 days. You can then reapply a second extension but this time only for an additional 7 days; for a grand total of 67 days. (Which I don’t recommend). After that you will have to exit the country and renter to receive a new Thailand 30 day tourist visa stamp.

How Many Times Per Year Can I Apply for Thailand Tourist Visa Extensions?

Upon asking the Immigration officer, There is no technical answer for this. It’s all upon the Immigration Officers discretion.

How Long Can I Stay In Thailand on a Tourist Visa?

The technical answer is 6 months. You can enter and exit the country every time you need a new Thai 30 day visa (aka Border Run). Thailand does not want individuals working or living in Thailand on tourist visas. Again this all relies on the Passport Control Officer at the airport when you’re entering the country.

How Many Times Can I Enter Thailand By Air?

Unlimited, as long as you do not overstay the initial 6 months per year.

Can the Passport Control Officer Refuse Me from Entering Thailand?

Yes. If your found abusing the system or overstaying past visas, the immigration officer may refuse your entry or give you a warning that you will not be allowed to return for another 6 months.


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