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Are you planning on visiting Thailand or currently in Thailand and wondering who you have to tip and how much ? In Thai culture, tipping is not traditional, but it is increasingly practiced and valued by staff members. Thai salaries tend to be lower compared to Western cultures, making tips a meaningful supplement. It’s noteworthy that tips are often shared among co-workers and are reflected in their monthly paychecks. In my Thailand tipping guide, I’ll outline when and how much to tip for a better understanding of local customs.

How Much To Tip In Thailand

The amount of tipping in Thailand varies depending on the situation. A useful general rule is to always round up on your bill. This Thailand tipping culture insight comes directly from a diverse group of Thai nationals, including those working in the hotel industry, self-employed individuals, and office workers. I’ll continuously update this tipping etiquette guide as new information is presented to ensure accurate and relevant advice over time. Check Out My Complete Thailand Travel Guide. Let’s Begin!

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Restaurant Tipping Guide for Thailand

Thailand tipping guide

Explore the rich flavors of Thailand’s culinary scene with our Restaurant Tipping Guide. In the midst of savoring mouthwatering Thai dishes and enjoying warm hospitality, expressing appreciation through tipping is a wonderful gesture. Consider rounding up the bill or leaving a 10% tip to acknowledge the efforts of the staff who contribute to your delightful dining experience. While some upscale establishments may include a service charge, always check the bill before adding a tip.

Keep in mind that tips left on the table are shared among all workers; if you prefer to tip your server directly, make sure to hand them the tip in person. Your positive tipping approach enhances the already warm and welcoming atmosphere that Thailand is known for.

Tipping Etiquette for Included Hotel Breakfast

While your hotel room may come with a complimentary breakfast, it’s important to note that leaving a tip is still appreciated. Many hotels offer a free breakfast, whether buffet-style or with a preset menu featuring various options. Depending on the hotel, staff may cook eggs to your liking or prepare specialty Thai dishes, all while ensuring hot plates are refreshed, and the dining area remains clean. As a gesture of appreciation, consider leaving a tip on the table before you depart. Recommendations range from 20-40 baht, adjusting based on whether you’re dining solo or with a partner.

Despite Thailand tipping culture local advice suggesting it’s included in the room rate, a small tip can go a long way in expressing gratitude for the attentive service.

When it comes to hotel staff, consider tipping the bell person 20-30 baht for a small bag and 40-50 baht if they’ve assisted with a couple of heavy bags to your room. Show appreciation to pool or beach attendants with 20-40 baht if they’ve set you up with a lounge chair or provided towels. It’s important to note that the service charge is distributed among all workers, and extra wages from tips are significant for Thai staff. While tipping the front desk to upgrade the room hasn’t been attempted yet, it might be worth exploring after checking with others about their experiences.

Hotel Housekeeping Tipping Guide in Thailand

tipping in Thailand

When booking a new hotel, my routine involves scrutinizing photos and reviews to ensure cleanliness and well-maintained grounds. As long as the hotel aligns with my standards and offers my preferred amenities, I’m confident in my choice. Even though I’m not a messy person, I appreciate the efforts of housekeeping, which includes making the bed, providing fresh linen, emptying trash, and overall room tidiness. In recognition of their work and considering personal belongings in the room, leaving 50 baht and possibly coins on the bed each day is a good practice. If it’s a short stay, I might leave the tip on the last night.

However, after a rough night or if the room requires extra attention, increasing the tip to 100-200 baht is a thoughtful gesture.

Tipping At The Bar

Begin by checking if a 10% service charge is included in your bill. If you’re grabbing a drink to go from the bartender, consider rounding up the bill or leave a few coins if possible. When seated at the bar or a table with a waitress taking your order and serving you, tipping 10% of your bill is standard. Leaving 20-30 baht is common for a beer, and if you’ve spent a couple of hours at a table, tipping 50-100 baht is customary. For exceptional service, whether the bartender or server engages in conversation or participates in bar games, tipping accordingly for their kindness is a thoughtful gesture.

How Much to Tip for Thai Massages

Indulging in a Thai massage is an excellent way to unwind, improve blood circulation, and alleviate stress for an hour or two. Most establishments display prices on a board outside their shops, ranging from 200 baht to 300 baht for a 50-minute Thai massage and increasing for specialized techniques like herbal or body scrub massages. A customary practice is to tip 50-100 baht for a basic 50-90 minute massage. Personally, when opting for a basic Thai massage, I find tipping 80-100 baht appropriate, provided I’m satisfied with the service.

Tipping for Haircuts or Salon

In the realm of tipping in Thailand, it’s common for women to offer a gratuity between 50 to 100 baht, influenced by the quality of services received. Conversely, men typically provide a tip of around 50 baht when getting a haircut. It’s worth noting that despite these norms, some locals may opt not to tip, aligning with the prevailing tipping culture in Thailand.

Tipping Taxis and Tuk-Tuks in Thailand

Exploring bustling streets in a taxi or tuk-tuk is an adventure, and while tipping isn’t a widespread practice, expressing appreciation is always welcomed. Consider rounding up the fare to the nearest convenient amount or leaving a small token of gratitude for the driver’s service. Embrace the positive exchange as you acknowledge their efforts in making your journey smoother and more enjoyable. Simplify the tipping process by rounding up; for instance, if your fare was 57 baht, just round up and give the driver 60 baht.

How Much To Tip for Food Delivery Apps in Thailand

While tipping isn’t a widespread norm for food delivery from Grab, Panda, or Lineman Apps, locals generally don’t tip in these situations. However, in cases of rain or if the driver had to cover a significant distance, a thoughtful gesture is to tip an additional 20-50 baht. Recognizing the extra effort in adverse conditions can make a positive impact on the delivery experience.

Tipping Tour Guides

Thailand tipping culture

For various guided services such as taxi rides, boat excursions, city sightseeing, or jungle hikes, a recommended tip falls between 150-300 baht, depending on the duration and nature of the activity. Keep in mind that in many cases, there may be more than one guide involved, and the tip is typically divided among them. Adjusting the tip based on the service and the number of guides ensures a fair and appreciated acknowledgment of their efforts.

Generous Tipping for Exceptional Service in Thailand

Thailand’s renowned hospitality deserves recognition, and when you experience service that exceeds expectations, expressing appreciation with a generous tip becomes a heartfelt gesture. Whether it’s a rejuvenating spa treatment or a tour guide sharing insightful anecdotes, tipping more generously in these instances is genuinely appreciated. Embrace the positive impact of expressing gratitude, as your generous gesture has the power to brighten someone’s day and create lasting memories.

Final Thoughts on How Much To Tip in Thailand.

In Thailand tipping culture, offering a tip for a kind gesture aligns with the concept of good karma. With favorable conversion rates for American money, a few bucks can go a long way. Drawing from my experience in the hospitality industry, I understand the challenges faced by service staff. On my recent trip, I observed a hardworking young boy in a small restaurant and, speaking to him in Thai, handed over a 100 baht note in addition to what I left on the table. Tipping extra in certain situations can make a meaningful impact.

Is tipping in Thailand mandatory?

Tipping is not mandatory in Thailand, but it is appreciated as a gesture of gratitude for good service.

How much should I tip hotel staff?

Tipping hotel staff, such as bellboys or porters, around 20-50 baht per bag is customary. Leaving a small tip for housekeeping is also a thoughtful gesture.

Should I tip street vendors and hawkers?

Tipping street vendors and hawkers is not expected, as their prices typically include the cost of service. However, a small tip for exceptional service is appreciated.

Are there any situations where tipping is considered excessive?

While tipping is appreciated, over-tipping may be perceived as excessive. Be mindful of local customs and appropriate tipping norms in each scenario.


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